2019 May Fashion Fix Fiercely 5th Avenue - Complete Trend Blend ❤️ Paparazzi

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The styles featured in the Fiercely 5th Avenue collection are exactly what you would expect with a name like that: Sleek, classy, metallic designs that you’d find on the streets of New York. The accessories in the Fiercely 5️⃣th Avenue Trend Blends are strong and edgy, which makes them incredible versatile.

Includes 1️⃣ of each accessory featured in the Fiercely 5️⃣th Avenue Trend Blend in May's Fashion Fix:

Necklace: "BALLROOM Service" (P2ST-WTXX-053MG)
Earring: "Now On Broadway" (P5RE-WTXX-399MG)
Bracelet: "Broadway Ballroom" (P9ST-WTXX-004MG)
💍: "Make Way For Broadway" (P4RE-WTXX-340MG)